About me

Hi ! my name is Julie. jujubehappy.ch is what I consider my first real blog (you’ll get what I mean if you keep reading – hint : I might have had a skyblog).

Moi and blogs – a big love story

I always loved writing, but up until then I was focused on fiction. I went through a lot of phases of “I-want-to-write-and-post-it-on-internet”, which is what led me to the infamous skyblog, which of course was a failure (would you like to read a poorly designed blog about the different turtles species ?)*

I got discouraged when I saw it wasn’t getting any momentum. For the 12 year old me, that was a harsh one. I couldn’t get what was wrong.

I kept writing by myself, and the idea to have a blog came back when I was sixteen.

What was the problem ?

This time, I was a little more informed. At the time, I had the head filled with American success-stories of influencers that could travel The World and never worry about money again.

Of course, I failed.

The issue here was that at the sweet age of sixteen, I hadn’t had time to learn anything specific – everything I knew was from school. In these conditions, I hardly see how I could have ever created good original and informative content.

Why would this blog be different ?

Water under the bridge. I opened myself to the world, started traveling, got out of my parent’s house… I became (more) mature.

I found my passions, discovered what made me get out of bed in the morning, day after day. And here I am ! Ready to begin this adventure.

My goal ? Help you be in harmony with yourself. My blog’s tagline, Be a ray of Sunshine, also stands for me. I hope to be the ray of sunshine you can hold on to during the rainy days. All in all, I’m here to put a smile on your face !

I wish succeeding in creating a community of kind and compassionate souls to make this life an even better one.

Summary : Jujubehappy is a Swiss blog about personal development, wellness, mental health and selfcare.

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