15 ways to handle your stress easily

Hello ! I’m really happy to meet you today to talk about my number one enemy: stress.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been stressed and anxious. Logically, I discovered over the years effective techniques to allow me to tame my stress. And in the article of the day, I reveal to you all these little secrets! You will be able to control your stress (or at least prevent it from rotting your life).

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12 defense mechanisms and how to avoid them


Have you ever wondered why you were reacting in this or that way in a particular situation? You know, you don’t have time to think that your body has already acted for you, and it is only after you say to yourself: “man, I could have done otherwise”.

No worries ! I have good news for you: it’s normal. It happens to me too. And to your neighbor, your friend or your grandmother.

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