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The interview category includes all articles in which I have a guest. It is in fact an open heart discussion on various topics, but it always has a link with the theme of this blog!


Guests can be public figures (bloggers or influencers of any kind) or simply individuals who are part of my daily life. What they have in common is that they must have a story to tell.

When it comes to people with an activity on the Internet, I will propose a link and explain in a few words what they do. Maybe I could even help you find someone you’re interested in!


The format of each article may vary. Sometimes I will focus on the person and their story, in which case it will be presented as a discussion. Other times it will look like a classic article, with quotes from the guest and, therefore, a point of view more distanced from the situation told (not all situations are treated the same way, some are more delicate than others, and this choice also depends on the wish of the guest regarding the respect of his anonymity).

What ?

I don’t want to be stuck into one theme.

The general idea will remain the same: that is, these articles will tell a story or a difficult situation experienced by the guest, how he or she got out of it and some advice for any other person experiencing the same difficulties.

In particular, I am thinking of addressing topics such as (sexual) assault, mental illness and physical disabilities, as well as eating disorders.

Of course, I am not an expert on all these subjects, which is why I will always add at the end of the links to the corresponding aid agencies. It is possible that, for certain topics, I may also ask for some advice from specialists.

The purpose of this “interviews” part is to connect people to each other, to show that whatever the problem is, it’s always possible to get back on your feet.

In addition to these interviews, which revolve around a somewhat difficult subject, I will also conduct other interviews, the purpose of which is to recount “life paths”. Lighter, but just as interesting, these meetings will explain how you become an entrepreneur, a yoga teacher… The possibilities are endless !

In case you have had an experience you would like to share (in any of the themes) you can contact me and submit your application as a guest via the contact page.

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