Hi ! Welcome into the Jujubehappy Shop ! You can find all of my digital products destined to make your life easier here. As the blog, I created those products to help you feel better in your life, your body and your mind so that you can shine and live the life that you deserve !

Becoming a real ray of Sunshine, it’s possible with the right tools !

Note : For now, the products displayed here are only available in French, but they will soon be translated.

Workbook “30 days to a Better Self”

Discover the workbook that is going to give you the keys to living the life you could only dream of until now !

Ebook “Get Over your Anxiety : practical guide from a basic girl to being more spontaneous, stop overthinking and be happy”

The ebook that gets your problems and give you concrete solutions to live your life as a stressed but happy gal !

I offer a 15 days Love it or Leave it guarantee for all of my products, so you don’t have anything to lose ! If there is a problem, you can always contact me at .

Hey ! I am so thrilled for you to be here ! I’m Jujubehappy (I mean, my real name is Julie). I am a Swiss girl passionate about personal development and becoming the best version of ourselves. I am here to help you reach your goals. If you want to learn more about me, it’s right there.

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