Welcome to my website !

What is this blog, and why did I create it ?

It’s a sharing space where i give you my advice for you to feel in harmony with yourself.

I post an article every Tuesday, and a new video every Friday 🙂 .

The 3 secret ingredients to my blog are good vibes, kindness and inspiration !

So make yourself a coffee and look around 🙂

Oh, one more thing : I took the liberty to talk to you this blog like I would a friend, after all, aren’t we already friends ?

Psst, if you want to know more about me, it’s right there.

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The Jujubehappy Youtube Channel

Hello ! I have the pleasure to annonce that I decided to start a youtube channel.

This channel is also going to be a space of kindness and “feel good vibes”. I will talk about personal development, being different, productivity, confidence,… in other words, how to live a better life !

Note : this channel is in French. you may not know it, but I actually live in Switzerland. However, subtitles are available.

Here is the welcome video :

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